May 31, 2013

Rules and Regulations

Attendance :
* Regular attendance in the class is expected from all pupils.
* If absent, the reasons for leave should be entered in the diary on the he first day of return to the school.
* In case of an emergency, leave may be granted only upon request by parents.
* A minimum of 80% of the total working days is a pre requisite for promotion.
* Attendance on the opening and closing days is compulsory.

 * Pupils should be present in the school by 8.50 am before the first bell.
* If late, the reason should be entered in the diary.

 Discipline :
* Students must communicate only in English
* At the stroke of the first bell. students shall maintain silence and assemble in their class/auditorium for the assembly.
* Students shall not run, play or shout inside the classrooms and corridors.
* Books should be neatly covered and labelled.
 Playthings, electronic gadgets, periodicals, chewing gum should not be brought to school.
* Wrist watches are allowed only from Std. V onwards.
* No pupil is allowed to leave the school premises during the school hours without the Principal’s permission.

 Parents role :
Parents may meet teachers only with the prior permission of the Principal.
* Parents should check the diary every evening and see whether the homework assigned for the next day has been done.
* The following pages in the handbook should be noted and countersigned.
* Remarks by parents and teachers
* Exam Time Table
* Academic Performance Record
 * Open House Meeting
* Record of leave and late coming
 * Home Work not done
* Cash remittance
* Circular

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