It was a time when the Zacharias and Palmola and Full Ma had not said goodbye. With the lamp of knowledge, the Karmalee nuns have given birth to a new Pavaratti. The Carmelita Coventry was established in 1890 in the name of St. Thomas. Fifteen years later, on May 18, 1905, Mr. Eddington joined the ICS. The school was the founder of the school. Fr. Sela Stein Kotankandam, who was then the monk of the school, expertly pampered the infant. They were Mr. Vellore Gopalan Nair who was the first head of the temple. On May 5, 1908, the school received approval from the Madras Government. At that time, there was no financial support from the government. In the meantime, in 1912, Fr. Athanasius took charge of the Inca school. With his efforts in 1913, the construction of the school building was completed. The school buildings, playgrounds, laboratories and all-encompassing libraries are the hallmarks of Athanasi Sasan's efficiency and service. The institute has been fortunate enough to receive a panel of eminent principals. This native and alumnus of Fr. In 1940 Lazarus Inka became head of the institution. The secondary trainee class was started at the school that year. The Bifurcated Course was launched in 1949. But this new training program was terminated in 1959. Many celebrities have visited the institution and congratulated it. The foremost among them was Prime Minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, who visited the school in 1955. In 1983, the Tower of Enlightenment celebrated the Platinum Jubilee. In 1996, the school started free computer training. The institution has played a huge role in the growth of the sport. In 1997, the construction of the new basketball court was completed. The institute also received Rs 30,000 worth of Sai's contribution to the best team in the Rev New District. In 1999, the Rev. Fr. John Thottapalli Ingaka took over as the manager of the school. Realizing that it was the need of the land to uplift this popular school in Old Malabar into a Higher Secondary School, he built a modern building at a cost of Rs. On February 15, 2000, the inscription of the tomb was dedicated by the Hon. Pryor General Fr. Performed by Alex Aiken Inka. Fr. Paul Alangottan laid the foundation stone for the corporate manager. In July 2000, approval was obtained from the government to start the +2 course. The inauguration of the +2 building on January 12, 2002, by the Hon. Kerala Education Minister Shri. P. JR. Joseph executed. In 2003, the LFLP was announced. The nursery, which started in close proximity to the school, is run by well-trained teachers. Vakkom Purushothaman, Speaker of the Kerala Legislative Assembly, inaugurated the centenary celebrations in March 2004. Since then, the Centennial has hosted a number of welfare and arts and sports programs. Shri.R.L.Bhatya inaugurated the centenary celebrations of the centenary celebrations. The construction of the new school building was completed at a cost of Rs. One of those is LP. School and UP The section also works. Rev. Fr. Baccalaureate as a result of the tireless efforts of Jacob Knobbin Pampli Inka. Centennial approval was obtained from the government to start the course. She graduated in 2005 with a B.D. The classes were radius. TTC for Primary Teacher Training in the academic year 2008-09 Permission to get started Thrissur district is the only school in Thrissur district that has 100% pass percentage in the state Higher Secondary Examination. Repeating the prestigious victory over all the subsequent years, we achieved 98% passes and 22 full A's in the Higher Secondary Examination in March 2015. 2015 Kumari Vishnupriya (Computer Science) and 2018 Lakshmi Chandana (Biology) received 1200/1200 marks. Additional intensive coaching classes and weekly general test papers are being conducted at the school in collaboration with the teachers of the school on every working day after leaving the class. On Saturdays, the teachers are giving special training in Mathematics and English to the underprivileged children. St. Joseph's has made history by winning 100% of the 2009, 2011, 2014 and 2015 Tata Tech exams. The 2019 TATAGHEA Examination saw 370 students taking the exam with 33 FULL A + results. It is a great achievement to be the only school in Thrissur district that has reached full fitness. The formation of St. Joseph's Arts and Science College in 2015 was a significant step forward in the modern pioneering effort, with the long-term efforts of the former manager, the Rev. Joseph Alappat. The State Award for the Best Teacher, the SEBI Master, and the State JAWA Best Teacher Award are the golden achievements which have been inscribed in the golden lists of the St. Joseph School History. It is only the blessing of the founder and founder of this institution, V Youshapada, that has spurred the growth of the organization after so many centuries. May the offspring of it spread to St. Joseph's, on every side.

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